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Pigs & Pork

We keep a small herd of pedigree Tamworth pigs, The pigs have been on the farm since 2006. We have always kept the pigs freerange. We sell weaners and pork when available. They are fed on a pig nut and they also get leftover fresh vegetables from the local Organic veg box scheme, also malt from a local micro brewery Black Bar from Harston, and any seasonal fruit and veg from the garden. All this makes for some very tasty pork.

If you are interested in buying weaners please contact us. We also have a boar at stud.

The Tamworth breed

The Tamworth breed is believed to be the purest of our native breeds and the closest living relative of the old English forest pig.

 When farmers began crossing traditional breeds with imported pigs from Asia to produce faster-growing hybrids, Tamworths were not considered worth “improving”. As a result, their blood remained relatively untainted.

 Following the Second World War, commercial breeds took over as farmers were urged to keep more economical and more productive pigs. Consumer tastes were changing, too, with shoppers demanding leaner pork.

 Despite a vast improvement in the number of registered pedigree Tamworths being kept, the breed is still classed as “at risk” by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.



At the moment we have one breeding pair, Melody our sow and Spike our boar. Our two retired girls Lily and Holy. And various piglets and growers. 

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